Posted on July 25th, by Graeme in News.

We’ve told you that in the world of DAWs competition has been hot for some years now and, to be honest, many of the various well-known products like Cubase, Sonar and Pro Tools have been kind of morphing towards each other as they go toe to toe, matching feature sets and functions in an effort to attract your hard-earned readies. Only Ableton Live continues to enjoy a more unique identity as a DAW that leans towards a combination of music creation and DJ-friendly, live performance applications. Many people using Live can’t imagine doing what they do with any other software.

Now a genuine contender for Ableton Live’s share of the DAW pie is looming on the horizon and if you haven’t quite made up your mind about what DAW you’d like to stick with, this one might be worth waiting for. Bitwig is a Berlin-based software company that has “a strong vision about new cutting-edge methods of music production, live performance and collaboration” and that attitude is reflected in the way these folks are being very careful about making Bitwig Studio a full-featured, professional DAW from the very first version 1.0 release including cross-platform and 64 bit compatability. It’s currently in Beta testing and the Bitwig development team–many of whom don’t appear old enough to drink or vote–aren’t handing out working versions of the software too freely, but the Bitwig website at is chockers with impressive FAQs, demo videos and screenshots. It’s rare for the industry to get excited by an upcoming release like this, when we’re hit with a new freebie DAW every day of the week (Bitwig won’t be free when it’s released), but the vibe seems to be that Bitwig will deliver. It might even be the “generational leap” over Live some are suggesting and Ableton won’t be in a one-horse race anymore. We’ll dig a bit deeper and let you know.