Posted on May 6th, by Graeme in iOS Music Apps.

Amidst the chaotic and ever-evolving world of apps we’re loathe to ever say a single piece of software is somehow “essential”, but here’s one that will always come in useful. Audiobus from A Tasty Pixel is an app that lets you interconnect your separate music apps, for instance sending your drum loops into a guitar app for jamming along with, or connecting different synth apps to create a layered sound. An ultimate scenario would be sending those separate music apps into a dedicated DAW recorder such as Auria to record a full session. You might say Audiobus is the virtual patch-rack for iOS devices. There is a small snag – any apps you want to use must be Audiobus-compatible. However, Audiobus is really taking off and all the major app developers are moving quickly, or have already made that move (the list of compatible software is long) to make sure their software will fit the bill. If any of your music apps doesn’t have Audiobus, an update should soon fix that. If that doesn’t happen, well… it’s probably not an app worth having anyway.

Recently Audiobus announced that Apple’s GarageBand had been added to the list of compatible apps. Whether or not you take GarageBand seriously, the undoubted good part of this news is that Audiobus has been discounted by 50% to celebrate the occasion. Download it now, while it’s going cheap.

Developer: A Tasty Pixel

Cost: $5.49 (Australian App Store) Limited-time, half-price special.

Review: Pending