Guerrilla Guide

 The Guerrilla Guide to Recording and Music Production is a magazine for anyone and everyone who’s interested in recording music at home, in the garage, at school, in your own project studio… 

pretty much anywhere where you might need a helping hand in getting some tracks down. You can be a complete novice or someone with decades of jamming and gigs under your belt, the Guerrilla Guide is about unlocking the mysteries of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and recording your tunes with a computer–what’s called “in the box” or ITB–using the latest DAW software, hardware and the many kinds of microphones, preamps and other equipment that for a long time were beyond the reach of most amateur musicians.

But the Guerrilla Guide is more than a magazine. It’s this website, too. Here we can give you all the info that didn’t make it into the mag’ in time or wasn’t even around when we printed it. Stuff like software updates, new gear reviews and tutorials. We can even try to help you out with any problems you’re having with your recordings, and we’ve got advice on equipment and software. You won’t get flamed here by some angry dude with 4 million posts on a forum and a bad attitude towards beginners. We all had to start somewhere, right?

Talking of forums, even better (yes, it gets better) the Guerrilla Guide is a sibling of Audio Technology magazine, Australia’s leading authority on all things about professional music production and recording, and AT has its own forums full of members who are happy to offer their expertise. The links are all here. You’re welcome to use them.

So the Guerrilla Guide is your best resource for learning all the ins and outs of recording music. This website is the best place for keeping you up-to-date since the latest issue came out. What else do you need? Oh–right… Audio Technology magazine and its forums are at or you can drop us a line here at (email address or contact form). It doesn’t matter what PC you have, what software you use or what types of songs you want to record. We’re all one big family of musicians trying to help each other make music.

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