Posted on May 8th, by Graeme in iOS Music Apps.

The App Store’s “App of the Week” happens to be a musical one and is free for this week only – so why not? Jamn offers to make musical theory or at least the application of it so much simpler and easier by converting it all into a graphical interface. By using a kind of scroll wheel based on musical keys the app displays all the chords, notes and scales for each key including the whacky, jazzy ones like minor, augmented and seventh variations. There’s also a guitar fretboard to show you proper finger placement and a piano keyboard for showing the keys equivalent. If you’re still confused Jamn will actually play the chord aloud – which explains why it’s a 245Mb download – that will be the audio samples. Extra in-app purchases include a Ukulele fretboard (ah…why? Just kidding), pro scales display and a tuner. Jamn is a clever idea and a handy songwriting tool for providing alternative chords to get you out of any songwriting rut. In reverse Jamn can reveal how to play charted chords you don’t recognise. It all seems pretty cool and we’re looking forward to digging deeper into Jamn, but whether it truly demystifies musical theory…? We’ll discover that during the review.

Developer: MiQ Limited www.getjamn.com

iOS Platform: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free this week only, normally US$3.99

Review: Pending