Posted on May 11th, by Graeme in News.

Here at the Guerrilla Guide we’d be interested to hear any of your own, original music that you may have posted onto SoundCloud or any of the other cloud, music servers. Share a link here in the forum or, even better (or both!) on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/guerrillaguide and promote yourself and your band. There is a catch, though (there’s always a catch, right?). Give us a brief rundown–or make it as technical as you want–on how you recorded the song. The gear you used, the recording location, any tricks you used or tragedies you dealt with… it’s all good.

Make sure it’s your own composition or at the very least music you’re allowed to reproduce. Let’s not start any copyright bunfights here. Any style, any genre and if you’re chasing feedback on “works in progress” that aren’t really finished yet, that’s okay, too.