Posted on November 1st, by Graeme in News.

Maybe Ableton planned this all along? For years it has sat back and quietly watched its Live software controlled by third party devices from the likes of Akai and Novation – taking notes and listening to user feedback, benefitting from a kind of free product development. Now Ableton has swooped and announced Push, a controller of its own and the very first hardware product of its type to come from Ableton – with a little discreet help from Akai. Initial impressions are that Push seriously trumps all before it with 64 velocity-sensitive pads and a host of additional controllers and switches. The design logic behind Push cleverly morphs between a software controller and a musical instrument, although it’s not an audio interface – you’ll still need one. Ableton has put a lot of thought into Push to make it quite a quantum leap forward for this kind of device and still left room for personalizing the interface. A large degree of user-configuration will breed a rush of new forums and user websites. Live fans will be getting very excited. Push is expected to be available with a concurrent release of Live 9 early next year. In fact, Push will only work with Live 9 and not earlier versions. You’ll find heaps of videos and info at

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