Posted on November 1st, by Graeme in News.

Nektar Impact LX 49


If you’re on the lookout for a keyboard to hook into your DAW, it’s always worth considering controller keyboards that give you hands-on control of knobs, sliders and such, rather than using your mouse. The new Impact LX 49 keyboard controller from Nektar is a 49 note velocity-sensitive keyboard with full-size, piano-style keys covered to protect against dirt and dust. It has 4 velocity curves for piano-type sounds, or there are 3 fixed velocity levels that better suit vintage synth instruments. As well as pitch bend and modulation wheels, the four octave and transpose buttons have an additional 4 functions selectable on-the-fly. Choices include sending out MIDI Program Messages, change the Global MIDI Channel or select any of Impact LX49’s 5 user presets. For groove and beat creation Impact LX49’s 8 velocity sensitive pads can be assigned any MIDI note number or MIDI cc message. If digging into controller assignments is a bit daunting (you’re not alone) a nifty “Pad Learn” feature allows you to just select a pad, play the note or drum sound you want on the keyboard and assignment is done. Impact LX49 integration supports most popular DAWs – note that Pro Tools isn’t among them – and, while most DAWs are different, the Impact LX49 DAW integration caters for each one and still maintains a common workflow including instant access to Mixer and virtual instrument controls. The 6 dedicated transport buttons also have a Press Shift to get access to alternate functions. Nektar has put a lot of thought into making the controllers easily multi-functional without getting things too confusing. Go to for a full list of features and compatible DAW software. We should see stocks in Oz by December at a RRP of $229.00

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