What Else?

You’ve chosen your DAW software and your audio interface – lock it in thanks Eddie – and now you’re wondering what else to
splash some cash on to make your life easier. Here are a few things to consider:


If you have any intention of recording real vocals or instruments you need a decent microphone. Decent mics are bought from decent audio dealers, not from Dick Smith. Vocal microphones start from about $150+ and you normally sing into the side of them, not the end. Don’t forget to buy a pop filter (to stop ‘prpps’ and ‘ffftts’ being recorded) and a mic stand.

Rode Microphones: www.rodemic.com
Shure Microphones: www.shure.com or www.jands.com.au
sE Electronics: www.seelectronics.com or www.musiclink.com.au
Sennheiser: www.sennheiser.com.au
AKG: www.akg.com or www.audioproducts.com.au
JTS: www.musiclink.com.au
Behringer: www.behringer.com.au
MXL: www.innovativemusic.com.au


Studio monitors are for ‘critical listening’ – getting the right balance of sounds. It’s not about ‘the vibe’, or having a party. If you have small room buy small monitors. The bigger and bassier the speaker, the more problems you’ll have making them sound clear and balanced in your room. Expect to pay about $400+ a pair for decent monitoring.

Mackie: www.mackie.com or www.musiclink.com.au
Yamaha: www.au.yamaha.com
M Audio: www.avid.com
Event: www.eventelectronics.com
Behringer: www.behringer.com.au
KRK: www.musiclink.com.au




A good pair of headphones helps you really hear the detail of a mix. You also need headphones if you’re recording real instruments – send a mix to your headphones and you sing/play along without the microphone ‘hearing’ the mix. Buy ‘closed back’ headphones so you don’t have to worry about the sounds spilling out and getting into microphones. Expect to pay about $75 or more for a decent pair – no not Dr Dre or Fiddy branded…

Sennheiser: www.sennheiser.com.au
Shure: www.shure.com or www.jands.com.au
AKG: www.akg.com or www.audioproducts.com.au
Beyer: www.beyerdynamic.com or www.hillsvl.com.au
Audio-Technica: www.audio-technica.com or www.tag.com.au


Controllers provide hands-on control over aspects of your DAW. This is great for when you need to fine tune levels or gain instant access to parameters without having to mouse around. Steinberg has some purpose built CMC controllers for Cubase, there are number of Ableton Live controllers from the likes of Novation and Akai, while you could try your luck with oddball controllers from the likes of Lemur or Tenori-on.

Keyboard controllers do a similar thing with the extra advantage of a piano keyboard. Even if you’re not a pianist, a keyboard controller is a great way of inputting data – you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

Akai: www.akaipro.com or www.elfa.com.au
Novation: www.novationmusic.com or www.innovativemusic.com.au
M Audio: www.avid.com
Korg: www.korg.com or www.musiclink.com.au