Posted on May 2nd, by Graeme in News.

Starting out, for a while you might just need a simple, budget-priced mixer–and don’t worry, when things get bigger and better it’ll still come in handy. If you think that “budget-priced” means it’ll break down a week after the warranty lapses have a look at this release of a new range of affordable mixers from a company that has a fine reputation indeed–Cerwin Vega, renowned for its professional loudspeaker systems. CV’s three mixing consoles come in a 10, 12 or 16 channel configuration and if you squint your eyes (a lot) they don’t look a bit like the competition. Actually, with a snappy, black retro colour design and Cerwin Vega artwork they do look pretty cool and different from the rest. As you might expect the features are quite straightforward regardless of how much CV want us to get excited–these are budget mixers remember–however it’s good to see that all three models have a USB connection to be used as a simple DAW interface. The two larger mixers start to offer balanced XLR outputs which will help connections to any monitor speakers. You should be able to see more at but it looks like CV is so excited they haven’t gotten around to updating the website. But it shouldn’t be long.