Posted on August 29th, by Graeme in News.

Mackie has released a new line of portable PA system called the DLM Series. The cabinets are one-third the size of traditional designs and twenty percent lighter with the top boxes based on either an 8 inch (200mm) or 12 inch (300mm) driver and the accompanying sub-woofer also uses a 12 inch driver. Some of us are always a little wary of performance promises made of comparatively smaller driver components, but Mackie make up the difference with all three DLM boxes powered by an impressive 2000 watts of Class D amplification. Not so long ago you couldn’t lift a 2000 watt amp on your own, let alone squeeze one into an 8-inch speaker cabinet. Mackie TruSource technology and a full-featured integrated digital mixer/processor in the cabinets give you a heap of DSP effects, presets and Mackie speaker configurations to get the most out of the DLM system. Smart Protect will save the day, if you get too carried away. The companion DLM12S subwoofer also has an integrated DLP Digital Processor providing subwoofer system processing tools like a variable crossover (so it can be used with any top boxes, not just DLM series), speaker modes for optimum voicing and the same system protection. Standard, rated flying points are available for professional installations and a range of wall mounts for restaurants, nightclubs and such. Ideally matched with the new Mackie DL1608 digital mixer you’d have a powerful system that would just about fit in the boot of your mum’s car (and she can roadie for you, too). We’ll hit up Mackie for a demo and let you know the results. There’s a funny video about the DLM series and a serious one at