Posted on April 20th, by Leigh in News.

Izotope already has a good reputation for its mastering and effects plug-ins, so we instantly pricked our ears up at the announcement of a new VST Instrument from these folks. Iris is a sampling re-synthesizer that promises you can create sounds that could never before be produced. Using what Izotope calls Visual Selection Technology a Photoshop-like GUI allows users to select a sample’s frequencies with a unique click-and-draw action. It’s clever, and first impressions are that Iris is more a sound designer’s VST that will make all manner of whacky noises to apply in a post-production environment. For instance, included in the 4Gb of samples are cockatoos, fountains, dumpsters and hedge-clippers (no, you haven’t accidentally clicked on a link to a gardening website). Still, traditional samples like pianos, strings and percussion are all there too and there’s nothing to stop you sampling and mangling your own more familiar instruments to create musical-sounding patches. To help you, Iris has an “intelligent root note detection” feature to automatically find a usable pitch or tone out of anything you sample.

You can add attitude and dimension to your creations by applying iZotopeʼs effects and processors, including chorus, reverb, delay, distortions and filters. For the serious synth enthusiasts advanced features like amplitude envelopes, LFOs, root note detection and key mapping are available, as well as an all-new RadiusRT for real-time pitch-shifting while preserving a sample’s timing.

There’s a heap more and you can best find out for yourself with a ten day free trial of Iris from . The interface is the full version, but you only get 23 of the 500 patches Iris offers. An optional Iris+2 pack has two extra Wood and Glass sample libraries included or you can buy these separately later on.