Posted on June 5th, by Graeme in News.

It’s hard to resist a new guitar amp simulator when the GUIs always offer such lovely eye-candy. All those cool buttons and pedals and stuff… If you’re into making lots of loud guitar noises in a DAW, Overloud may be a mob that has snuck under your shredding radar–and Overloud promise more than just a pretty (inter)face. Overloud Audio Tools is based in Italy and specializes in amp modeling it claims is a cut above the rest–okay, who doesn’t? But it appears that Overloud has focused its product range on a few select amplifiers to perfect these, rather than spread its resources too far–and the audio demos do sound impressive. Overloud are authorized to model Randall, Brunetti and THD guitar amps and claim to have achieved results that can’t be distinguished from the real thing–let’s not get carried away and, as always, make up your own mind. Its latest release is Mark Studio 2, a collection of six top-class Markbass amp models: TA501, R500, Classic 300, TTE500, Little Mark Tube and the MoMark, plus nine different cabinets to go with them.  As you’d expect you also get a bunch of effects, a choice of microphones and positions, and flexible signal paths. Included in the effects is a full virtual pedal-board ready to be linked with your preferred flavour of hardware controller for using Mark Studio 2 as a stand-alone application. Overloud also has Breverb 2 and SpringAge, high-end reverb plug-ins, and the VKFX Vintage Effects Suite for Keyboard players. You can listen to samples, download demos and, of course, fork out some dollars at www.overloud.com