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I’ve got a PC but I’ve heard that Macs are good for music recording?

Answer: The performance of Macs and PCs are comparable. PC are generally a little cheaper to buy, but the Mac is easier to trouble shoot when things go wrong

What’s the best software for someone starting out?

Answer: There are stripped back ‘lite’ versions of the main packages. But for ease of use, Apple’s GarageBand probably takes the cake. You do sacrifice functionality though.

I’ve heard ProTools is the software everyone uses?

Answer: ProTools is definitely an industry standard within commercial studios. It may not necessarily be the best package for you. ProTools has professional (expensive) versions of its software and cheaper versions that come with M Audio interfaces, for example.

I want to produce dubstep. What gear do I need?

Answer: Have a look at Ableton Live or Propellerhead Reason. You’ll need some kind of audio interface. Reason has its own, Balance. Any good option from the main vendors would be good with Live (see our ‘Which Interface’ page).