Posted on July 31st, by Graeme in News.

JamHub Tourbus

First up, we have to say that for the current fad of baking cakes in the shape of audio hardware the JamHub is a prime candidate. The JamHub has been available for a while, but to recap – it’s a personal rehearsal system for up to seven musicians depending on the model type; Bedroom, Greenroom or Tourbus (multiple inputs per station cater for even more players, if you’re clever) and you get inbuilt effects, individual mixing of each input and a “Stage” mix control, which is form of panning. A remote SoleMix unit allows drummers and the like to stay on their stool – lazy sods. A wide range of accessories is available such as in-ear headphones, extreme isolation cans and extension cables. And now (silent, electronic drum roll please) there’s soon to be the Tracker MT16, a digital recorder (picture below) that can grab 16 channels of audio directly out of your JamHub to capture your jamming genius – or otherwise – onto an SD card or USB thumb drive. The Tracker MT16 also has a wireless internet connection for uploading files to JamHub’s own cloud service, Bandlab, for sharing. That USB port lets you port the files directly into your DAW of choice. The Tracker MT16 has its own multiple analogue inputs and can be a standalone digital recorder without any JamHub. Heaps of information is at JamHub RRP in Oz are Bedroom $549, Greenroom $849 and Tourbus $1199. We’re hoping to get our hands on a full JamHub/Tracker MT16 system to review in a month or so.

JamHub Tracker MT16