Posted on April 20th, by Leigh in News.

We’ve managed to shake off the big hair, tight spandex pants, flairs (well, some of us have anyway) and finally stopped John Travolta throwing his clothes around the dance floor–but we won’t let go of those 1980’s drum machines sounds. For that matter, or the 1960’s and ‘70’s rhythms either. If you have a hankering for those legendary disco beats Arturia has packaged them all together in its SPARK Vintage Drum Machine plug-in, which features 30 drum machines from exactly that era.
All SPARK models have been carefully reproduced using two techniques, analogue emulation (based on Arturia’s own TAE technology) for the analogue circuits and high resolution sampling of “mint” condition units for EPROM and PCM-based drum machines (mint?–these guys should be selling cars). Each kit comes with a range of pre-programmed patterns including mimicking original patches through to more contemporary rhythms being used in music today. Rather than just mirror the original machines the SPARK software is more intuitive and powerful, and has been designed with live applications in mind.

You can have a look, a listen or download a demo at