Posted on August 30th, by Graeme in News.

At first glance it’s hard to know if you should be mixing a band or playing Donkey Kong on this thing. Line 6’s StageScape M20d is a “smart” mixing system for live sound that employs a touch-screen interface instead of any traditional channel mixer strip or fader. Internal DSP provides audio processing on every channel including multi-band feedback suppression. Multi-channel recording and remote control capabilities are available via one or more iPad devices. In Perform Mode, a graphic display of the stage setup uses icons to represent each performer or input. Colour-coded encoders provide immediate access to level control. A single touch on a performer’s icon gives access to all parameters relating to that channel, from basic tweaks to deep effects editing.

The audio signal chain can be controlled via an innovative X-Y tweak pad–we’re usually loathe to use words like “innovative”, but you have to agree this is different. Drag a finger toward common sound descriptors like “bright” or “dark” and multiple parameters adjust simultaneously to achieve that sound. It’s not the only thinking that the M20d will do for you–an auto-sensing function for mic and line inputs and outputs can detect when a connection is made and automatically configure the channel gain, EQ, effects and routing. Don’t trust it? Deep Edit mode gives experienced operators access to every effect parameter via a familiar plug-in style interface. You get four master stereo effects engines with studio-quality reverbs, delays and a vocal doubler. A host of recording options allow multi-channel recording in high-resolution, 24-bit WAV files to SD card, USB drive or direct to computer.

The Line 6 M20d is certainly quite a radical approach to small format mixers. To get your head fully around all the features go to Let us know what you think.