Posted on May 2nd, by Graeme in iOS Music Apps.

If you’re a DIY musician with your own modest recording setup you may be familiar with this particular problem – you’ve got a guitar plugged in and on your knee, a live microphone aimed at the sound-hole, headphones on and a vocal microphone under your nose. All good, you’re ready to go – except reaching for your mouse or keyboard to start the DAW recording always results in stepping on a cable, running over one with the chair’s wheels and sometimes accidentally ripping the headphones off your ears. All those cables are the bane of your creative existence. The best answer is to get away from the computer and desk, and somehow still put the DAW controls at your fingertips. It’s where apps like Absum-8 come in really handy. Absum-8 promises to be compatible with just about every reputable DAW program out there –except, unfortunately, ProTools… don’t blame Absum-8 – we all know Avid likes keeping PT to itself. Absum-8 offers a 3D-like environment, 8 preset views and a jog-wheel. Really, just the Transport controls are worth the price alone, but if some of the more in-depth controls work well it’s an absolute bargain. Get an iPad mount for your mic stand and Absum-8, and get away from that desk. Sound good?

Developer: Axel Drewan www.axeldrewan.com 

Cost: $5.49 (Australian App Store)